Our goal is simple: We’re here to help you get to Canada or, if you’re already here, to stay. We’re fully CICC compliant and regulated. Please take a look around; view Our Services, learn more about us and, when you’re ready, take our free Assessment.

For business owners, we’re a full solution provider; contact us and we’ll help you understand your LMIA options for keeping your existing team together.


Get To Canada is an immigration consultancy firm focusing on Western Canada. Our Immigration Consultants are licensed members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (CICC) and our team is comprised of individuals who want to help you achieve your immigration goals in as quick a time-frame as possible.

Our team prides itself on our strong client relationships, our professionalism, and our passion. So whether you’re a business person or skilled professional seeking entry, or should you wish to sponsor your spouse or family members, with our strong attention to detail and the careful guidance of your file, we will strive to make all your Canadian dreams possible.

Once you’ve taken our free Assessment, contact us to arrange for a consultation (delivered via phone or Skype). From here, if we feel that your likelihood of success is dismal, we will be truthful with you and will not leave you with false hope nor having spent money needlessly. Our guarantee to you is that we endevour to accept only those individuals who have a promising chance of success.

We will map out a plan of action to help you qualify now, or if that is not possible provide you with the steps and actions you will need to take in order to be successful in the future. Canadian Immigration law is complex. Allow us to guide you through the process.

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