Talk to an Expert & Begin Your Journey to Canada

Whether you are looking for a temporary visit or permanent immigration to Canada, we highly recommend that you book an initial consultation call with our immigration & visa expert. This will help you learn about the different programs and will save you time & money.

During our call, we will:

  • Go over your requirements and eligibility for various Visa & Canadian Immigration Programs
  • Discuss about the visa & immigration requirements along with supporting documents
  • Review steps in the application process and timelines
  • Answer your questions related to living in Canada
  • Discuss about professional fee to represent your case/application

Once successfully booked, you will receive an email confirmation.  You will receive a call from a Consultant at the scheduled time. Fees are in USD and are subject to change without notice. Note: All consultation times are based on Canada Standard Time (CST).


Initial Consultation
60 min | $150+tax

Work Permit / PGWP
45 min | $120+tax

Visitor Visa / SuperVisa
45 min | $120+tax

Family Immigration / Sponsorship
90 min | $200+tax

Pre-submission application package review
60 min | 500+tax