Frequent Asked Questions

Q. I’m an employer and many of my Temporary Foreign Workers are reaching their maximum stay deadline. Is it too late to do anything?

A. Depending on the circumstances there may still be time. But don’t delay; contact us as soon as possible for assistance.

Q. Canada is one of the best places in the world to live and I’d really like to move there permanently, how long will my application take?

A. There is no set time guarantee. Currently Experience class applications are in the 13-month range. Different categories have different time ranges. On a positive note, CIC recently launched a new Express Entry program, which will hopefully streamline the process for certain classes of applicants.

Q. Once I become a Permanent Resident, do I need to stay within Canada?

A. Within any five-year period as you must stay within the country for 730 days.

Q. If I just want to travel and visit Canada but not stay, do I still require a visa?

A. In most cases, Yes. Check your status here and if you do require a visa contact us for assistance.

Q. Will I require a visa if I intend to study in Canada?

A. Yes. Contact us and we can help with your application

Q. I’d like to sponsor my fiancé, can I do so?

A. You can sponsor a common-law partner if you have lived together for at least twelve continuous months.

Q. My friend has an ongoing application, can I inquire about their current status?

A. Not unless you have been granted authority to do so by the applicant.

Q. Why should I use an immigration consultant?

A. Immigration consultants are professionals who understand the complexity of the immigration system. When something as simple as a typographical inaccuracy can cause lengthy delays or outright failure, isn’t it important to have a competent and knowledgeable team working on your behalf?

Q. Is Get To Canada authorized to provide Canadian immigration services?

A. Yes, we are fully compliant.